Service System Procedures for CPS Caseworkers and Supervisors

Initial Service Authorization

Caseworkers should forward the information listed below to YFT for an Initial Service authorization for youth in the conservatorship of DFPS and who need services in a contract residential setting. YFT cannot complete this service without this required information. This service does not include youth needing Basic services, which is assigned by the DFPS.

♦ IMPACT LOC Authorization Request Form (must include PID number),

♦ Application for Placement (Form 2087)

♦ Emotionally Disturbed Youth: Psychological or psychiatric evaluation completed within 14 months OR

♦ Primary Medical Needs Youth: An evaluation by a Physician (MD) describing medical conditions and disabilities

♦ (Optional) Information describing any extenuating circumstances, incident reports, etc.

These materials can be submitted electronically to or mailed to the YFT address on the Home Page.

DFPS policy permits some providers to accept CPS youth at the Basic level who are new to conservatorship but may actually need higher Services. If the child needs a higher level of Service, then the provider may request higher services directly from YFT within 45 days of the date of placement.

YFT completes an Initial Authorization within two (2) working days of receipt of all information. CPS caseworkers may review Service Authorizations within the child’s IMPACT record, which is loaded into IMPACT on the date the review is completed. YFT also sends a copy to the provider ONLY if they originated the request.

Utilization Reviews (URs)

YFT authorizes Moderate services for youth placed in foster homes for 12 months and every 3 months for youth placed in RTC/GROs.  For youth needing a level of care of Specialized or higher YFT authorized services every 3 months. Typically, utilization reviews are completed by YFT on a regularly scheduled basis in conjunction with Providers who have a contract with DFPS and are working with that child. This often means that youth’s authorization for services will continue uninterrupted. YFT does not conduct scheduled Utilization Reviews for youth placed in emergency shelters, juvenile detention, hospitals, and placements with families or relatives.

These YFT services DO NOT include youth needing Basic services. CPS caseworkers may review Service Authorizations within the child’s IMPACT record.

Youth in Transit or other Special Circumstances in which the Service Authorization has Expired or will Expire

CPS caseworkers or providers contracting with DFPS may forward the information listed below directly to YFT when a child’s ALOC has expired or will expire AND YFT is not scheduled to conduct a utilization review within the next 30 days. CPS caseworkers may email YFT at to confirm the UR review schedule.

♦ IMPACT Authorization Request Form,

♦ Current treatment/service plan,

♦ Information on any medical problems or disabilities,

♦ Progress and therapy notes, and school records for the most current 60 days

♦ Serious incident and seclusion reports for the most current 60 days

Non-Scheduled URs are usually completed within 10 working days. The Service Authorization is available within the child’s IMPACT record, which is loaded into IMPACT on the date the review is completed.

Service System Reviews of DFPS Residential Contracts

YFT conducts annual quality assurance reviews of the Service System indicators implemented by residential programs contracting with DFPS. This process is completed according to policies and procedures approved by DFPS with all reports forwarded to the Regional Contract Manager within each region.

Additional Information

For further information or questions please contact the YFT home office listed on this website.