Behavioral Health Care Industry

The delivery of behavioral health care is shifting from practice based on fee-for-service to managed care systems. With rising behavioral health care costs, public and private payers are faced with the challenge to balance the quality of care with the ability to fund services. In Texas, the Legislature has taken a leadership position in funding a variety of pilot tests to determine the various effective models

Managed Behavioral Health Care Services

YFT assists public agencies with children who may be emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, chemically dependent, medically fragile or developmentally delayed, or involved in the juvenile justice system. In this regard, YFT offers the following range of services to support the growth and rehabilitation of children.

  1. Intake and Referral System
  2. Pre-Authorization of Services
  3. Concurrent Utilization Reviews
  4. Regular Provider Evaluations
  5. Report on the Bio-Demographic Characteristics of the Client Population
  6. Provider Performance as Measured by Cost per Case, Average Length of Stay, and Percentage of Satisfactory Program Completions
  7. Education and Training Programs