Why is there a Level of Care  Service System

This system was Legislatively mandated prior to 1990 to stop the institutionalization of children and better ensure that children have the opportunity to be placed in the least restrictive, most family like setting possible. The LOC Service System was mandated to be incorporated into the State of Texas Administrative Code with DFPS being the Oversight Agency to ensure implementation.


  • Process began in 1983 with the Health and Human Services Coordinating Council
  • This system went into effect in 1990
  • DFPS has contracted with Youth for Tomorrow for 29 years to assist with the implementation of this system
  • All services performed by YFT are according to the Polices approved by DFPS


  • Texas Service System Program Monitoring
  • Level of Care Authorizations to include

Intake – Non Scheduled Reviews

–Scheduled Reviews(field)

– IPTP Reviews & Treatment Foster Care Reviews

–Required Documentation

–Incomplete Records

LOC Review Process




How to Determine a LOC


–YFT has a template to determine an LOC

–YFT has a scoring method to determine an LOC

–YFT has a check list to determine an LOC

–The YFT contract  has incentives that pertain   to increases or decreases in authorized services.

How to  Determine a LOC (continued)

Fact:  The Snap Shot Description

YFT uses the Level of Care definitions to determine a child’s current service needs. Clinically trained professionals from YFT use these definitions to synthesize their knowledge about a child’s psychological and social functioning and then assign a single service rating. The service authorization is determined in the context of a broad review of the clinical information submitted by the provider about the child’s trauma, social functioning, behaviors while in placement, behaviors while in school, medical conditions, and interpersonal relationships with children and adults.

In addition the following information must be taken into account

LOC Monitoring

  • Purpose

It is the expectation of DFPS that contract providers have   services in place that are above the minimum standards   of   licensing available to the children in DFPS care.

  • New Contracts


–Time Frame

  • Existing Contracts

–Annual reviews

  • Purpose

–Compliance or Non-Compliance