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Corporate Overview

Youth for Tomorrow Foundation (YFT) is a behavioral health care company in Texas that serves public agency children in need of residential services in private contract care. YFT supports more than 8,500 children placed in Texas and in other States. These children are served by more than 200 providers.

YFT offers third-party review services on behalf of children in private residential care who are also in the conservatorship of various public agencies (i.e. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department). YFT authorizes initial treatment services and thereafter re-authorizes services for children. In addition, YFT monitors providers contracting with public agencies for compliance with a set of standards referred to as the Texas DFPS Service System.

YFT is a private, non-profit corporation, 501(c)(3).

Behavioral Health Care Industry

The delivery of behavioral health care is shifting from practice based on fee-for-service to managed care systems. With rising behavioral health care costs, public and private payers are faced with the challenge to balance the quality of care with the ability to fund services. In Texas, the Legislature has taken a leadership position in funding a variety of pilot tests to determine the various effective models for Texas citizens. It seems that some model of managed behavioral health care will be a major strategy to achieve this critical balance in Texas.

Managed Behavioral Health Care Services

YFT assists public agencies with children who may be emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, chemically dependent, medically fragile or developmentally delayed, or involved in the juvenile justice system. In this regard, YFT offers the following range of services to support the growth and rehabilitation of children.

Our Commitment to Children

YFT is committed to "placing children first" by assisting public agency caseworkers to place children at the most appropriate level of care and with the most effective provider. An important value of our service is strong advocacy for public agency children who all too often have a small voice.

Youth for Tomorrow
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